Innovation for Patient Care: From Bench to Bedside …  in endocrinology, neurology, and oncology

Since Ipsen was founded 87 years ago in France, the company’s research & development (R&D) efforts have been focused on moving from early, basic science to innovative treatments that target debilitating diseases in an effort to improve the health of those who are suffering.
In 2014, Ipsen’s R&D expenditure totaled close to $203 million,
representing about 15% of Group sales.
In the US, Ipsen Bioscience, Inc., located in the biopharmaceutical hub of Cambridge, MA, is a key research and development organization for Ipsen.
Our worldwide R&D team’s results to date and comprehensive approach to research and development are anchored by a strong focus on peptides and toxins as drug discovery and development platforms. Access to other drug classes, including small molecules, is through external collaborations. The company has a clear commitment to translational research and has long embraced a robust strategy of best-in-class partnerships to maximize drug development and create an ongoing, promising, and diverse pipeline.  
Ipsen partners with top, globally renowned educational institutions and medical centers -- such as the Salk Institute and Harvard Medical School -- and other healthcare industry leaders with expertise that can augment our research in endocrinology, neurology, and oncology.
Ipsen has a history of success through partnerships, and the company believes that the open innovation model merging science/know-how and medical knowledge from industry/academia is the only approach that truly allows the development of real advances in the treatment of debilitating diseases.

New Ipsen Bioscience Headquarters

Ipsen Bioscience is housed in a new, state-of-the-art facility in Cambridge, MA. Ipsen's new facility resides in the center of a globally recognized leading hub for biopharmaceutical research and therapeutic innovation.  Previously, Ipsen R&D facilities were located in Milford, MA.

The Cambridge move brings Ipsen closer to several key partners based in the area, including major hospital centers, first-rate university medical schools, and leading biotech companies, thereby strengthening its R&D  open-innovation model.  Ipsen Bioscience strives for scientific collaboration in a truly integrated way. Our focus, open innovation mind-set, mid-pharma size, and biotech heart sets us apart.
Ipsen Bioscience believes it is well positioned to become one of the few Cambridge companies with the entrepreneurial spirit of a start-up company supported by decades of successful development and science history.