About Ipsen US

Our Mission

A Passion for Patients

At Ipsen US, our focus is on helping individuals living with the most serious and rare diseases, who often have the fewest options available to them.

Our leadership and teams possess extensive clinical and scientific backgrounds, which gives us a unique lens through which to understand patients. That knowledge is not gained from behind a computer or workbench.

That’s why our leadership is always in the community, listening to patients’ needs and concerns. In fact, it was through the recommendation of a patient that we recently increased the scope of our IPSEN CARES® program.

Today, we believe IPSEN CARES® is one of the leading patient assistance programs of its kind. We strive to leave no eligible patient unserved and have a personal commitment to helping patients gain access to Ipsen's medications.

Our commitment to patients extends to patient-reported outcomes research. The result was an award-winning poster presented at both the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) 2016 Congress (Best Poster) and the American College of Gastroenterology (President’s Award), a significant recognition by the scientific community of the importance of the patient experience. We continue to infuse that perspective into our work.

The strength, persistence, and resilience of our patients inspire us each day, keeping us humble and focused as we continue our efforts on their behalf.

Science Made Personal: Ipsen Research and Development (R&D)

No two patients experience their disease in the same way—each individual’s journey takes its own unique twists and turns. Similarly, at Ipsen, we recognize that there is no single path to finding answers to patients’ conditions.

We’re willing to take even the most difficult road if, at the end, patients benefit. We also believe in finding like-minded partners to share knowledge, ideas, and experience in the service of patients desperate for solutions.

Ipsen US and its R&D team are part of the Ipsen Group, a rapidly growing, global specialty biopharmaceuticals leader with global headquarters in Paris and US headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey (commercial/marketing), and Cambridge, Massachusetts (R&D and manufacturing/technical operations/supply). In addition, we have global R&D sites in Paris-Saclay and Oxford. The global company sells more than 20 drugs in over 115 countries, and employs more than 5,100 people around the world.

Ipsen’s R&D model supports our new era and ambition to deliver at least one new molecular entity or meaningful indication each year. In this new era, R&D is and will always remain a core element—it is the growth engine of IPSEN. Somatuline® Depot (lanreotide) Injection and Dysport® (abobotulinumtoxinA) represent significant business successes in the US.

We have deepened our portfolio by adding ONIVYDE® (irinotecan lipsome injection). What's more, we're passionate about pursuing research beyond a drug's initial indication, to help realize its full potential by obtaining additional FDA approvals and help even more patients. For instance, in 2016, Dysport® was granted it's third and most recent indication.

Ipsen is also one of the very few companies that has mastered the manufacturing and control of neurotoxins, and we are exploring new applications for additional toxin-based products. And beyond new therapies, we’re exploring innovative delivery systems, to ensure patients and healthcare providers have access to the best possible methods.

Commercial Success: Getting Products to Patients

We know how to get compounds from bench side to bedside thoroughly and quickly, and we bring that expertise to each stage of the process.

Our approach to development and commercialization represents the best of how we regard science—working closely with like-minded partners who have promising assets but who may not have the resources and deep therapeutic knowledge to bring them efficiently to market.

We’ve also succeeded in delivering therapies to patients in highly competitive markets. Over the last couple of years, we have overcome serious challenges in the marketplace through our strong commitment to patients and science and an entrepreneurial mentality that enables us to do things differently.

Moreover, we are committed to one another, bringing the highest levels of accountability and professional integrity to the way we develop and deliver medicines. That combination has been paramount to our success.

Our People: The Power of One to the Benefit of All

Our passionate, performance-driven culture infuses a competitive fire that drives each of us to execute better and be fearless in the marketplace. We are also committed to one another, bringing the highest levels of accountability and professional integrity to the way we develop and deliver medicines. Ipsen’s combination of personal responsibility, agility, and action has been paramount to our success.

Best of all are the options we have nurtured and brought to market, to advance science, help improve lives, and contribute to society.